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About Blackwood

Healthy, happy pets make us happy.

We’ve handcrafted Blackwood Pet Food products in our family-owned Ohio facility for nearly 20 years.

Our premium foods are slow cooked in small batches — and they always will be. Because we’re big believers in tradition. That’s also why our all-natural foods include only the finest ingredients, sourced from suppliers we know by name.

Our flavorful, easy-to-digest recipes deliver superior nutrition in every bowl. Which is a proven recipe for healthy, happy pets.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Literally. Anthony Burrus, from our marketing department was approached by at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando and asked if he would eat his companies food....

  I have been complimented by numerous people from Montana all the way back to Wisconsin about how beautiful my Labradors are.  Their shiny coats, tarter free teeth, and the great...
“We were struggling to keep weight on our German Shepherd, Phoenix. He had excessive shedding issues as well. I wasn't aware how dull his coat was until a couple of weeks after...
“Josie loves Blackwood dog food. She comes running whenever she hears the food (Blackwood 5000) hit her bowl.  The small pieces are easy for her to chew and she is more energetic...
"Boden (Dhoki Apso) and Myrtle (Pomeranian) used to eat two different kibble sizes. When we switched them to Blackwood 1000 formula they not only pretty instantly got shinier fur...
Bubs is an 8 week old Beagle puppy. We rescued him and started him on Black Label Puppy. He has not had any of the typical loose stool or vomiting that puppies tend to have. I...
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